Welcome to the website ‘The West Indian Heritage’

Here you can learn about the legacy of the colonial era, which can be experienced to this day. Discover the houses, the towns and not least the destinies of those who built the Danish West Indian colony on the islands of St. Thomas, St. John and St. Croix in the archipelago of the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean east of Central America.

The research, the website and the exhibition is created by Lunn & Co, architect Ulla Lunn, ulla_lunn@yahoo.dk


Reading Glasses

Two topics in this introduction function as ‘reading glasses’ for the website.
The first is a section on the building styles that existed in the first 300 years of colonial history. It is important to understand the architecture that was created by slave craftsmen and European artisans.
The second is a section on the view of humanity that underlies slavery and the colony. It is important to understand why slavery lasted 200 years in a Danish colony.

Follow up

In the spring of 2011 the exhibition ‘The Danish West Indies – Building the a colony‘ opened at the National Museum of Denmark in Copenhagen. The exhibition is based on the research and material that form the basis for this website.
Flensburg Maritime Museum hosted the exhibition from November 2011 till March 2012. Gammel Estrup – the Danish Estate Museum will host the exhibition April until October 2012.


The research was done and this website was created in 2010 with support from Nordic Culture Point and from The Dreyer Foundation. Videos recorded by TLA Denmark 
Photos taken by Lunn & Co 
Research done by historian George Tyson, www.visharoots.com, historian Louise Sebro, PhD and architect Ulla Lunn Ma A