St. John

There are no historic towns on St. John because the island is very small, and because planters had their town houses in Charlotte Amalie.

sktjohnHowever, there are two forts on the island. First, the ruined Fortsberg on a mountaintop at Coral Bay, which was only reinforced with brick fortifications after the slave revolt in 1733; but also the small, still intact Christiansfort, built in 1775 and re-modelled in 1825. It is situated at the island’s only major port, Cruz Bay.

Maps from the period indicate that a conurbation was planned, but there was no basis for building it. The later settlement at Cruz Bay is now a diminutive town without historic houses, since all early buildings have disappeared during earthquakes at various times.

St. Thomas and St. Croix, Kunstakademiets Arkitektskoles Forlag 2004, ed. Thorkell Dahl and Kjeld de Fine Licht

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